With our deep love for the ocean and conservation, we find the art of freediving a fantastic way to combine the two. Therefore  the drive to create Gofreedive didn't take much thought. It allows people not only to observe marine life in a non-invasive, safe and responsible way but also to gain more knowledge about freediving whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced freediver. With breathtaking encounters, pristine locations and highly qualified and experienced guides we encourage you to join the Gofreedive crew and allow us to show you the wonders of our oceans and the art of freediving.


We put our heart and soul into building itineraries that transcend the traditional vacation experience. The trip is yours, let us design your adventure.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we run both AIDA & PADI courses and change up the grey weather for blue ocean throughout the year during our DIVE & SAIL TRIPS.



Nina Konstantin-Hansen

Founder and Head of Communication

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark Nina is a PADI freediving and Scuba Instructor. Growing up with parents who are heavily involved in sailing she has been using the power of the wind to explore since a young age. She has spend the last 4 years in the diving industry in different locations around the world sharing her passion for conservation and the ocean. Now combing her love of for sailing and diving she cant get enough of the salty lifestyle. With a gentle touch and a always positive and outgoing attitude she will be the one you want next to you the whole journey. 


  • PADI Scuba Instructor 

  • PADI Speciality Instructor 

  • PADI Freediving Instructor

  • Emergency First Response Instructor 

Hanno Minnaar

Founder and Lead Instructor

Hanno is our head Padi and Aida freediving instructor. Growing up along the rugged coast of South Africa he has been freediving since he was 13 years old and with 7 years experience in the scuba and freediving industry, he is sure to excite you with a healthy combination of enthusiasm, knowledge and never ending patience.  With his fair share of time on boats Hanno is also a experienced sailor looking to constantly explore the most remote areas of the globe. He will always be up for a cup of coffee and a chat about any type of marine animal from seahorses to humpback whales.



  • PADI & AIDA Freediving Instructor 

  • PADI Freediving Instructor 

  • ISA Surf & Sup Instructor 

  • Emergency First Response Instructor 

  • RYA Day Skipper License 

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”Close your eyes and imagine for moment that you can do an activity where your heart rate drops, your senses heighten, you feel this calm warm feeling in your core, and then the feeling of weightlessness and relaxation - all in a mater of roughly a minute”

The word freediving means something different to every water loving person you meet.

It can be separated into two main categories: competitive and non-competitive freediving.


Competitive freediving is an athletic lifestyle choice heavily based on perfecting technique, reaching goals and apply extreme mental focus. Changing the make up of your normal body functioning to becoming more like our overachieving marine mammal counterparts.


 Non-competitive freediving can be anything from holding your breath in the bath to sharing a connection with a 50 tonne whale 5 meters below the surface.


Both competitive and non-competitive freediving will leave you in awe of what your body can achieve and the connections you can have with marine life.

Freediving hosts an easy tool to promote ocean conservation, allowing people to get involved in ocean based activities and sharing the love for our underwater environment.



 Join the Gofreedive crew in  Copenhagen, Denmark or check our Dive & Sail trips!

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