This trip is dedicated to exploring the world famous Komodo National Park. The area is composed of three major islands Rinca, Komodo, and Padar.  All of which host breathtaking ecosystems above and below the water. The most remarkable inhabitant of Komodo National Park is the Komodo Dragon which exists no-where else in the world. Surrounding the rugged mountainous islands are rich coral reefs with a large diversity of species and the strong currents which attract sea turtles,  manta rays, whales, dolphins and dugongs. This place is truly trapped in time.



Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara​



Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara​

Skipper & Dive Instructor:

Hanno Minnaar

Co-Skipper & Dive Instructor:

Nina Konstantin-Hansen

Nautical Miles:

Approximately 120 nmi


  • Bunk fee is 230 DKK a night.

  • To secure your spot on the trip there is a 2000 DKK deposit fee.

  • To book anything you have to be a member of Amazingtravel. This is a one time fee of 100 DKK

  • All other cost once on board is shared. You can expect a budget of approximately 70-90 DKK a day. This goes to food, diesel, gas and such. This is paid once on the boat. 

  • Flight tickets and any transport to and from the boat is your own responsibility. Make sure to get flexible tickets, as wind and weather can affect a sailing trip. 




  • Learn to dive - Open Water course is 4000 DKK.

  • Advanced Open Water course is 2500 DKK.

  • Fun dive is 150 DKK per dive. 


  • Intro to freediving is 650 DKK.

  • Learn to freedive - Open Water Freediver is 1600 DKK.

  • Advanced Freediver is 1875 DKK

Dive courses can be booked and paid along with bunk fees. All courses have a 500 DKK PADI fee that need to be paid to the dive instructor onboard. 


Manta rays

Komodo dragons


Reef sharks

Pygmy seahorse

Schooling reef fish

Macro life

Flamboyant cuttlefish


  • SCUBA diving courses

  • Freediving courses

  • Island hopping in Komodo National Park 

  • Land based tours to see Komodo dragons

  • Scuba diving pristine coral reefs 

  • Explore limestone cave Liang Bua and the Homo Floresiensis


  • Flight tickets are not included in the price. When you book a trip, you are responsible for checking start and end destination to book your tickets. It can be a good idea making your flight tickets flexible.

  • You need to have a travel and repatriation insurance, which you need to show the skipper.

  • Make sure your insurance covers diving until 30 meters.

  • Check if you need visas for your specific trip.

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months upon arrival.

Still have any questions about jumping onboard?

Feel free to contact us for a Q&A video chat! 

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