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History of GoFreedive

The dreamy thought of creating our own freediving travel agency first came about in the sleepy African village of Tofo, Mozambique, where me and Nina were both living and working at the time. With both of us working at different local dive shops, we always hoped to be able to move forward in our careers and create a business of our own.

After a few days of running through possibilities in my head I felt I was on to something. All this planning lead to another obstacle - explaining this far fetched idea to Nina. So one evening after dinner, I summoned up the courage to explain my wacky, half thought-out plan of creating a business together in Copenhagen, Denmark. She bought it!

A few more days of brainstorming went by as we both realised that this half thought-out idea could work.

After much planning and consideration, we went for it and put our dreamy thoughts into action. Our vision was to create a platform for us to not only teach freediving but also to promote conservation of our blue planet - allowing students to enjoy marine encounters in a safe and comfortable way. A few months went by, filled with setting up websites, purchasing gear and finding the best suited freediving destinations. Reality then hit us while Nina was furiously tapping at her keyboard in a café in Copenhagen - we got our first enquiry via email in March 2020! And what a year it was to set up a company based on travel... Looking back it now, it must have been the worst time in history to set up a dive and travel agency 😂

As the rollercoaster ride of 2020 progressed, we grew more and more optimistic as we expanded to conducting freediving courses and marine conservation events all around Denmark. Local tourism in Denmark was on the rise due to travel restriction, which helped us set up a network of enthusiastic freedivers and kept us busy enough to see the growth of GoFreedive locally in Denmark.

When you think of Danish waters usually the first things that come to mind is cold, dark, green, and lifeless. Our expectations were along the same line but after spending our entire summer dedicated to searching for dive sites, teaching courses and interacting with marine life, our view most definitely changed. A large chunk of our dives were conducted in the Copenhagen area exploring multiple wrecks, sea grass areas and wooden docks teaming with life. With the average water temperature in April-June being 16℃ and in July-August 20℃, we found that during every course people were constantly surprised by the beauty of the underwater world. Nina and I were definitely most surprised by the beauty of macro life available, most notably the great numbers of pipefish, crustaceans and juvenile flat fish.

As we reached the tail end of summer our wetsuits started feeling very thin and conditions became tougher and tougher. After our last course in September, we closed for open water training and looked forward to potentially keeping our dream alive of traveling and conducting freediving courses in areas filled with whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks.

As we reached October and travel was still being a a bit of a sore topic, we followed along with the rest of the world in 2020 and learned to adapt and stay positive. We both then decided that we wanted to expand and change things up by moving to Malmö, Sweden with the hopes to engage a larger a group of freedivers and to work incorporation with a dive shop. Turns out that it was a perfectly timed decision to make! It allowed us to teach pool based freediving courses in a cozy environment at Aquatica Dive school in Limhamn.

We now look forward to an adventurous 2021, filled with sustainable living and always keeping a close connection to the ocean.

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